Woman holding an airplane in her handFerry Pilots moves many types of aircraft, from military planes to large passenger planes and smaller private jets, in all different types of situations. If you’re wondering if we can move your aircraft, give us a call and we will assess your situation as part of a free estimate. Our pilots have the highest level of licensing as well as thousands of hours of cumulative experience working together. Our crew is experienced and we follow all FAA regulations, including maintaining a sterile cockpit at key points in flight – meaning that our pilots engage in only essential activities at those times. From fueling and time on the runway, to landing at your airfield, we cover all of the details of your aircraft repositioning in our comprehensive flight plans.

Aircraft Types Transported:

  • Turbine-Powered – Typically known as a Jet Engine aircraft
  • Business Jets – Private planes
  • Airliners – Large passenger planes
  • Turboprops – Small planes typically for 6-8 passengers
  • Military Aircraft

Our Pilots:

  • Military, Commercial and Civilian Flight Experience
  • Trans-Continental and Trans-Oceanic familiarity
  • ATP Licensed – The highest level of aircraft pilot license available
  • Multiple Types of Ratings and Endorsements

High Operating Standards:

  • We check airworthiness and logbook documents
  • We review performance and limitations prior to each flight
  • We supervise all fueling operations
  • Regular ramp survey for FOD problems – Checking for foreign object damage
  • Maintain a sterile cockpit during ramp operations and below 10,000 ft – Pilots do not engage in any non-essential activities during these times to ensure safety of your aircraft

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