Plane taking offWe provide all of the services needed for your aircraft relocation. Sit back and allow us to bring your aircraft wherever it needs to be with a level of white glove service that is unparalleled throughout the aviation industry. We turn your one-way trips into roundtrips for the aircraft, or provide repossession services and other important missions for our clients as well. Ferry Pilots are fully equipped to facilitate challenging repossession situations, overcome import/export customs issues, and arrange all of the details that go into making sure that your plane is always flight ready at delivery. International Ferry Pilots also take care of all the crew hiring and details, including customs and crew manifests that satisfy all authorities with jurisdiction. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive repositioning services for our clients that make it as easy as telling us which aircraft for each particular destination.


Aircraft Relocation – Turnkey Solutions

We provide comprehensive aircraft relocation services, moving your planes for you and facilitating every aspect of the move with care, including all of the details associated with getting your plane through customs and through international borders. In addition, our flight crews can inspect and remediate flaws until your craft is up to date and approved to fly:

  • Worldwide Repositioning
  • Export/Import Assistance
  • Aircraft Inspection and Registration Requirements

Repossession Services

We will make your aircraft repossession easy and hassle free. We serve aircraft financiers as well as private clients, and are used to dealing with both friendly and hostile repossession situations, so please, let us assist you with your repossession needs whatever they may be – in these matters experience is crucial and our team has many years of real world experience to rely on for even the most tenuous circumstances when it comes to aircraft repossession.

Aircraft Recovery Services

Whether your aircraft has been damaged or is a salvaged craft, we can get it ready for transport and bring it where you need it. We can also perform on-site repairs to get your plane flight ready.

Other Services

As we provide comprehensive aircraft relocation, repossession and recovery services, there are many services that go along with that, which we can also provide. As we’ve been in the business for over 50 years, we have many connections to help you acquire the plane that you want, and get you discounts on fuel worldwide. We also will take care of all crew logistics including contracting, visas, transportation, lodging and eAPIS crew manifests. Here are some other services we can provide to make your aircraft transport even more carefree.

  • International Flight Planning
  • Aircraft Testing
  • Fueling and Contract Fuel
  • Over Flight Permits
  • TSA Permits
  • Flight Planning
  • On Board Tracking
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Tech Reps
  • DARs & DERs – We provide Designated Airworthiness Representatives and Designated Engineering Representatives to inspect aircraft when necessary
  • Aviation Consulting Services
  • Aircraft Performance Analysis
  • Ground Handling
  • FAA and Local CAA Coordination

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