About Us

Pilot standing near a private jetFor almost 50 years, International Ferry Pilots has been providing transportation and logistics services globally, by delivering aircraft and resources on time. We are more than just a service to get your aircraft from point A to point B, because we understand the largher implications and provide flight crews for turbine-powered aircraft as parts of the total package experience that many top clients desire. If you want an aircraft to appear and do not wish to be involved in all of the important factors required to organize a private chartered flight, let us handle all of the details for you to clear the skies in front of you.

Crew retention and transportation, export and import customs, de-registration and re-registration, permits, maintenance and inspections, test/acceptance flights, customer demonstration flights, enroute planning and logistics support, insurance, communication and navigation charges, security and a host of related matters are just a portion of the services we cover to make your travel experience seamless and easy.

The pilots we provide have FAA Airline Transport Pilot licenses, typically with multiple endorsements, an FAA medical certification and an average of more than 10,000 logged flight hours.

Our History

We started transporting turboprop engine planes for broker clients nearly 50 years ago, and soon started  to move small jets as well, usually between Europe and the US. Our clients quickly became pleased with our top notch service, and we soon built up the reputation we have today for excellence in aircraft transportation. We attracted clients wanting to move larger business jets and eventually airliners and ex-military aircraft across the globe.  Since 1990, we have also been contracted to repossess aircraft world-wide by owners/lenders, and are experts in the process, no matter what the situation. We are the oldest, most experienced and most notably accident free company providing airplane transport services and aircraft repossession.

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